My work with Wā Collective

I have had the absolute privilege to work with the amazing women of the Wā Collective. Through the work we have done together I have gotten to work on some graphic design projects, which have helped me to expand my skill set and help an amazing cause.


One of the first things I created were some GIFs (above) that can be used as stickers for the Wā Collective's social media channels.  Some explain how a menstrual cup works and some are just for fun. I also animated the 'period' logo developed by the Nope Sisters​ (see above). You can use these gifs yourself, by searching Wā Collective in Instagram stickers. Please use!

I have also done some portraits (right) of Olie (their fearless leader) and the whole Wā team. These started out as fun little experiments but grew into some lovely work I am really proud of. 

Find the Wā Collective:

Find the Wā Collective: