SEX + 


Final year design project at Massey University

Students in their final year at Massey University work on a single major design project for the whole year. The first semester is spent researching and developing a critical position. In the second semester, we designed from that research. I studied how the body is both a public and private space, and this developed into my exploration of the design of sexual health clinics, and the user experience within them. 

I was very interested in how we wait in clinics and how this can be a very nerve-wracking experience, steeped in shame. I looked to design an educational and positive experience and space, and SEX + was born. 

The space was an experiment in creating areas for different needs, whether people wanted to be alone, be social or learn something. I looked at the experiences of different people in the space and explored this through video. These can be found on the website I created for the final exhibition of this project. 

Here is my Semester 1 research document if you are interested