RNZB Temporary space

Royal New Zealand Ballet temporary practice space

Project completed under SMRT Consulting LTD


The Royal New Zealand Ballet needed a temporary space to practice while the St James Theatre in Wellington was being earthquake strengthened. They needed help coordinating the different teams on the project and creating an efficient design. The purpose-built temporary building that was erected in the Michael Fowler Centre car park, in Wellington. SMRT Consulting modelled the building, along with helping with the design and coordinating services and structural models. 

My role in the project was helping to design the detailing on the building. I also helped to organise the drawing sets, meeting with contractors and clients to do so. At the end, I organised the decals on the outside of the building, turning them from concept drawings to the mural you see above. 

During my time at SMRT, I worked on a range of residential projects and projects for Wellington City Council. I modelled projects in Revit, and working on drawing sets for building consent. I also completed construction site visits, and helped organise SMRT consulting's website.