My work with Wā Collective

I have had the absolute privilege to work with the amazing women of the Wā Collective.


Through the work we have done together I have gotten to work on some graphic design projects, which have helped me to expand my skillset and help an amazing cause.


One of the first things I created were some GIFs (above) that can be used as stickers for the Wā Collective's social media channels.  Some explain how a menstrual cup works and some are just for fun. I also animated the 'period' logo developed by the Nope Sisters​ (see above). In 2020 I also got to create some stickers for the Ovaryact campaign that Wā ran with The Body Shop (see above). 

You can use these gifs yourself, by searching Wā Collective in Instagram stickers. Please use!

I have also done some portraits (right) of Olie (their fearless leader) and the whole Wā team. These started out as fun little experiments but grew into some lovely work I am really proud of. They even put it on their tea! (see below).


Find the Wā Collective:

Find the Wā Collective: